We are very happy to have met you and worked with you and the company.
We have worked all around the globe, but this was our first hotel job, and we can say that we gained a lot of great experiences.

Thanks to this job, we got to know awesome people and got to see amazing places. Beach, sunshine, tasty food and beautiful hotels, these 5 months flew by like a paid vacation. Unfortunately, it was over in a heartbeat, but we really hope we will be able to continue working with you.
The contract was straightforward and clear.

Thanks to the car, we could get round the island easily and comfortably.
We would like to especially thank you for always being so helpful in any situation.

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I never thought I could ever visit such a place. Anyway I look at it, it was the best decision of my life.
Thank you, I can’t wait to go back!


It is simply the best workplace in the world! I could hardly get by with my English, but they gave me a chance I was offered a job.
By the end of the season, I had to problem communicating in English, and get this, I was invited to a leadership training abroad, paid by the company.
Incredible, but true.


I’m perfectly satisfied. I was given all the information I needed, I felt the whole time that the company supports me and is always behind me.
Plus I was elected Animator of the Month in August, which makes me really proud:)


It was a great decision to do the training, which is now the Academy.
They prepared me for the job, and I could earn more this way than I would have without it. For me, it was a dominant factor how much I can save up while having full boarding. I even surprised myself. The payment was always fine.


I can only recommend it. It opened up a whole new world for me. So many new people, unforgettable experiences, a fantastic team.
I’m sure I will have long-term gains coming out from this.


I admit, the first thing I noticed was the mentality of the people. Everyone is just so much more positive in the sunshine.
Come to think of it, maybe I have always been running from negative people. Until now 🙂