Is it declared work?

– Yes, it is declared work in compliance with EU and other relevant legislation.

Who is it declared by?

– The foreign partner company, where the job is done.

Are we insured?

– Yes, in these cases, declaring the work requires getting the minimum basic insurance required by law, covering basic health insurance and workplace accidents. We recommend additionally getting the so-called EU card. It is free and not mandatory, but it could be useful in case you want to continue treatment started abroad.

Do I have to be over 18 to apply?

– Not really. You have to be at least 18 when you start working.

How long is the duration of the contract?

– The entire season starts at the end of April, beginning of May and ends at the end of October. Most ideally you would be applying for the whole season. There are shorter contracts too, so don’t worry if there is no way for you to work the whole season. Feel free to apply!

How much can I earn here?

– That depends on many factors, but one thing is for sure: As a beginner, if you did not complete the training at the academy, you have no qualifications and you don’t speak any other foreign language on a conversational level besides English and you don’t have a special skill that could make you a key animator, and you cannot sign a contract for the whole season, you would still get 550 EUR, as well as full boarding. If you have any of the above, it could all mean extra benefits. And full boarding means that you could even save your entire salary. Let others spend their money on rent and utilities, not you!

How can I earn even more money?

– Complete the training at the academy!

Can I really make more money by signing a new contract with you?

– It’s guaranteed. You will become an even more respected member of our community, this way giving you perspective, and a raise in your salary in every case. But there’s more! You may even have the opportunity to do a leadership training paid by the company, right after your first season. Of course, this comes with a higher position, more responsibility and even better conditions.

Can really only 100 people join the academy in a year?

Unfortunately, yes. So it is of utmost importance to apply as soon as possible. The first 100 applicants get a unique opportunity in the market from our company.

Do I have to make my own travel arrangements?

– Yes, as it has happened on several occasions before that we flew someone to the destination and than they did not turn up to work. So our company contributes to your expenses with a travel bonus after you complete the contract. This amounts to 200 euros for the two trips.

In what currency do I get paid?

– Euros. You can easily open a bank account that’s necessary for this abroad. You will only need your documents to do so, and a local SIM card in most regions. Don’t ask why, but it has minimal cost, there is no initial fee, and you can close it free of charge.

When do I get paid?

– You get a monthly salary, just like in Hungary. The number of days you worked in a month is recorded by the end of the given month. Your salary gets transferred by the 20th of the following month.

Can I bring my friends too?

– Yes! In fact, we recommend you do so. We will also consider requests made to have the same accommodation, but we cannot guarantee it. We will at least try to assign you to the same island, not far from each other, but we are obliged to accommodate the needs of the hotels and appoint the person most qualified for the given position based on their skills.

How is the food?

Boarding is provided by the hotel, also paid by the company. In most cases, animators are the only staff apart from the management who can eat in the hotel restaurant, receiving the same 4- or 5-star service as the guests. Three all-you-can-eat buffet meals a day can be risky when it comes to kilos… In some hotels animators eat in the staff canteen of the hotel with the receptionists, waiters and other personnel. Of course, you get three meals a day in these hotels as well, and every hotel provides limitless drinking water and refreshments.

Where will I be staying?

– Accommodation is paid by the company in every case, so you won’t have to pay for rent, utilities and other bills. Usually it’s either one of these options: you will be staying in the hotel or in apartments in its direct surroundings. You will be in twin rooms with bathroom and toilet.

What happens if I change my ming in the middle of my contract and want to go home?

– According to your contract, the first 7 days are a trial period, during which either party can annul the contract if they are not comfortable. If you terminate your contract after the first week has passed, or in the middle or at the end of the season, you will not get your 200-EUR travel bonus and your “keep in trust” (100 EUR per month). Other transgressions and breaches of contract – which may result in the termination of the contract – may be subject to an additional maximum penalty equivalent to one month’s payment. These are all the expenses you might have to face, so it is not too much pressure on you.

What should I bring with me?

– General summer clothing, training shoes, sunscreen. It is recommended for boys to bring black trousers and white shirts. Swimming suits and sports clothing if you have any, a more elegant evening attire for elite functions, and your smile with a big case.

Only Hungarians can apply?

No. It is an international workplace, and our teams working abroad are also multicultural. We welcome everyone who has the right ambition.